Green Fangoid

A portrait of the artist when failed by technology

My apologies for the lack of updates lately. Many small emergencies — especially small emergencies involving that disaster of a language named Perl — have a way of depleting one’s motivation. I was able to knock out this lovely self-portrait easily enough, though. Even the horrid draftsmanship and terrible composition are evocative of my current mood.

Now, let us all vigorously sweep the surface of our desks.


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  1. What are you gang to do, wench? Sweep the ice furiously at me?

    And my sympathies on perl. I took one look and ran screaming. Never been happier.

  2. ratchetcat,

    You are a smarter man than me. When someone tells you that “any sufficiently advanced Perl script is indistinguishable from line noise”, believe them.

  3. Sam,

    Oh dear…

  4. I believe perl is just random strings sourced from Pi converted into Ascii. Do it enough and you’re likely to get a script that works, then you just test for function until you find the result you need.

  5. ratchetcat,

    Excellent, excellent.

  6. Also, the visualization of any given Perl script does have a factor in the blood sugar of the programmer… the lower the bloodsugar, the meaner the programmer feels, the more likely your variables are to be named “(()][]]][” – and the higher the bloodsugar, the more crazed and excited the programmer is, the more likely your variables and functions are named something like “³°±²öç”

    In other words, you’ll never win. 🙂