Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle from Jon Fuller on Vimeo.

Filmed a young Eastern Box Turtle ( Terrapene carolina carolina ) in the wild on a recent walk. I’ve typically encountered these turtles during and after a storm. Perhaps the humidity encourages them to emerge from temporary hibernation?


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  1. oh man, gorgeous depth of field there….
    too bad modern lenses don’t have manual aperture rings so you can modify that on the fly without the snap of digital aperture adjustments (if you can even do that in the middle of shooting) … time to break out the old lenses and see how the video looks. 😀

    • ratchetcat,

      Thanks, saint.

      I think the 5D Mark II has some ability to do auto aperture adjustment while shooting. Not sure if there’s yet a way to dial in an aperture on a modern Canon lens — on the fly — while shooting, though.

      I shot this on the 85mm Rokinon (my go-to lens these days). That one does have a manual aperture ring — which can be handy in some situations.

      Beyond manual aperture rings, some of the older glass out there is really excellent. Have you adapted them all to your camera body?

  2. Nice except for that annoying software IS or whatever is going on. Looks like the frame is a piece of rubber. Makes me kind of motion sick. I think I’d rather see the shaking.

    • ratchetcat,

      If watching the footage with image stabilization made you motion sick, watching the footage without image stabilization might be a serious health risk.

      It’s a trade-off.

      On the whole, I feel software stabilization is a positive addition. The effect is not so obtrusive as to completely ruin the recording. It also saves the cost (and weight) of a full cinema rig.