Look Into My Eye Spots

I encountered this (female?) European Mantis (Mantis religiosa) at the edge of the driveway just after cutting back some ground cover. The little black spots in their eyes — which appear to be tiny pupils to an observer — are not ‘eye spots’ in the usual meaning of the term. They actually result from the structure of the eye itself.


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  1. I think my cat ate one of those today. I didn’t get close enough to check, but whatever it was, was fighting back.

    • ratchetcat,

      It strikes me that cats and mantids have a lot in common — in terms of their internal state. They’re carnivores. They’re hardwired with behavioral code which trips off when they perceive certain situations in the world and which compels them to attack, kill, and eat other creatures.

      Mantids appear to possess the antisocial / solipsist / Unicron edge. Those guys will attack and eat anything. (Cats, on the other hand, will attack anything but often get seem to get bored with the actual eating bit.)