Zeiss 35mm f2 ZE

The Zeiss 35mm f2 ZE is a fantastic lens. Granted, I’ve only been using one for about a week, but I’m already becoming familiar with — and appreciative of — the distinctive way it draws the world. The most obvious difference between this lens and other lenses? The transition into and out of the depth of field is incredibly smooth. It is almost completely free of distracting artifacts.

The other characteristics of the lens are as one would expect. The lens body is well constructed. The focusing action is precise and polished. The weight and size feel right. I recommend it without reservation.

(I blame the Alternative Gear & Lenses forum at FredMiranda.com for this particular acquisition. Be careful. That forum is an enticement to bankruptcy.)


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  1. Jay,

    The ZE line isn’t the line for video is it? It was just for the Canon mount right?