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The Cat Who Came For Dinner

The Cat Who Came For Dinner

Doom knows about your freshly-stocked cupboard.

It’s Cupcake Time!

Calliope celebrates her birthday with Huckleberry and a balloon!

Did you remember? Yesterday was Calliope’s Birthday!

(Special thanks to Dornick for the cupcake idea.)

More Coffee, Coffee Cat?

I have so many ears...

As always, this is based on an actual conversation with myself.

(Bonus: a quick sketch of Calliope.)

Outlaw Cat Has A Valentine


Inevitable outcome is inevitable. Or inedible, if you prefer.

Outlaw Cat Predicts Future


You can prepare for the future by hoarding chocolate syrup.

Outlaw Cat Asks: Are You Delicious?


Yeah, where’s that good stuff?!

There’s Always Yelling

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

How To Sneak Out

Today, I am pleased to offer this informative guide produced by Calliope and Huckleberry. Study the tips and diagrams carefully — tomorrow may demand you employ the knowledge contained within!

Particularly if you resemble an edible bird.