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Bookmarks for July 17th

  • "The Phoenix" by Julia Ecklar – I love these lyrics. "In a tower of flame in Capsule Twelve, / I was there. / I know not where they laid my bones, / it could be anywhere, / but when fire and smoke had faded, / the darkness left my sight, / I found my soul in a spaceship's soul / riding home on a trail of light… For my wings are made of tungsten, / and my flesh is glass and steel, / I am the joy of Terra for the power that I wield. / Once upon a lifetime, I died a pioneer, / Now I sing within a spaceship's heart, / Does anybody hear?"
  • Moon Orbiter to Photograph Apollo 11 Landing Site – "One large item that should be easy to spot is Apollo 11's Eagle descent stage, left behind after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin rocketed away from Tranquility Base. For the Apollo 11 site, 'you will definitely see this square thing sitting on surface,' said LROC's Principal Investigator, Mark Robinson of Arizona State University in Tempe. At low sun it's likely that the lander legs will cast shadows. 'It will be unambiguous that the descent stage is sitting there,' Robinson said."
  • NASA – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Sees Apollo Landing Sites – Stunning. Check out how far the Apollo 14 crew hauled it in their effort to reach the rim of the Cone Crater. They came within 65 feet of their goal before having to return to the Lunar Module due to lack of resources.
  • Saturn V – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – The only complete, space-rated Saturn V in existence is now located at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. That rocket — as well as components of the Saturn V on display at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida — were originally intended to comprise the launch stacks of the canceled Apollo missions 18 and 19.
  • Photographs of the Saturn V 500F “Facilities Integration Vehicle” – The post of July 16, 2009 titled “Apollo Saturn” refers to this mockup of the full Saturn V launch stack which was used for facilities testing during the Apollo program. The 500F mockup currently stands on the grounds of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • NASA Releases Preview Partially Restored Apollo 11 Video

Bookmarks for April 9th

Bookmarks for April 7th

  • Colin Pantall: How Not To Photograph – An ongoing series of articles covering trite photographic themes. My great personal sins: Dawn of the Dead and The 5th Flyover.
  • When does a shtick become a shtick? – Jörg Colberg examines when art photography ‘jumps the shark’: "A well known photographer once told me that an extremely well known and influential gallerist had told him that the road to success was to find one's niche and then to simply produce work that way (think babies in "cute" dresses or Weimaraners or overly Photoshoped celebrities or whatever else you can think of). I suppose that works nicely if seen with the eyes of someone who knows how to sell work – after all, what appeals to people (and thus sells nicely) today should do so tomorrow, right?

    But as someone interested in art as somebody's personal expression, it strikes me as listening to music where the record is stuck on the player and is coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the coming back to the same groove over and over again."

  • I Am Going To Make It Through This Year Even If It Kills Me – Helpful tips for acknowledging what's done and moving on.
  • Never Work With Friends? – Best answer: "Keep it professional. Pay as much as you usually would, expect the service you usually would, and make sure everyone understands up-front that this is how it's going to go down."
  • DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide | Gadget Lab from – "'There are zillions of people around the world doing this,' says Altman, referring to the swell of interest in do-it-yourself projects and hacking. 'It's a worldwide community.'

    At the center of this community are hacker spaces like Noisebridge, where like-minded geeks gather to work on personal projects, learn from each other and hang out in a nerd-friendly atmosphere. Like artist collectives in the '60s and '70s, hacker spaces are springing up all over."

Bookmarks for February 27th

  • The 21st century: FAQ – "Climate change, dust bowls caused by over-cultivation necessitated by over-population, resource depletion in obscure and irritatingly mission-critical sectors (never mind oil; we've only got 60 years of easily exploitable phosphates left — if we run out of phosphates, our agricultural fertilizer base goes away), the great population overshoot (as developing countries transition to the low population growth model of developed countries) leading to happy fun economic side-effects (deflation, house prices crash, stagnation in cutting-edge research sectors due to not enough workers, aging populations), and general bad-tempered overcrowded primate bickering."

    Charlie Stross whinges a bit about the future. Everyone is singing the blues today.

  • Fresh Pita – the fastest bread in the land! : Artisan Bread in Five …
  • The Minimalist – Faster No-Knead Bread, Plus Whole Wheat
  • Mail Art by Riitta Ikonen – "Around a hundred A6 sized cards sent to Margaret Huber from 2004 to 2006 from Japan, Finland, Spain, Russia and England. Hair, fish, a sachet of white powder, a piece of broken record etc. were sent to test the postal system. Only three cards never reached their destination."
  • John Fellows / Mail Art – Decorated envelopes by John Fellows

Bookmarks for February 13th

Basically, They’re All Assassins

We’re All Gonna Die: 100 meters of existence is a 100-meter photograph taken by Simon Hoegsburg over the course of 20 days on a railroad bridge in Berlin in 2007.

The presentation is exceptional for such a large photograph… and yeah, just about everyone photographed looks like the Hollywood conception of a hitman.


(Update: Hmm. I didn’t mean to imply all Germans look like assassins in the title of this post — just that there was a certain Hollywood ‘look’ to the individuals photographed. Apologies if anyone is — or was — offended.)

Bookmarks for January 9th

Bookmarks for January 7th

Bookmarks for January 6th

Bookmarks for January 4th

  • Away From Home – James Yang – "Explore with James Yang the world of seven illustrators who live the global life." Entertaining look at the way illustrators live the dream. (Ah ha ha ha ha ha.)
  • Enkin on Vimeo – Shades of Spook Country… (No, really. Imagine this integrated into some cool shades.)