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Gold Star, Outlaw Cat!

Outlaw Cat is surrounded by a treasury of stars.

Outlaw Cat can’t help himself around shiny things… like, you know, stars.

(Personally, I always preferred the red or green ones. Could use a few of those right about now.)

Outlaw Cat Wishes You Well


Always sign a cast with veiled threats, not platitudes.

Draft Illustration: Outlaw Cat Goes Fishing


This is the result of the two hour live painting session from last night. Looking good so far.

The League Of Disreputable Office Animals


They threw a party — a party with snacks, drinks, smoke sticks, and gambling — and told none of us!

From left to right: Angus (drink tester and erstwhile leader), Lucky (lucky), Project Glowyrm (official snack laserer), The Mache Giraffe (taking meeting minutes), Outlaw Cat (treasurer).

(Had the idea for this piece a few weeks ago. It’s nice to finally see it realized.)

Outlaw Cat Has A Valentine


Inevitable outcome is inevitable. Or inedible, if you prefer.

Outlaw Cat The Phrenologist


Obviously, this is one of the older Outlaw Cat comics. Sadly, its veracity is unchanged.

(Rigorous week thus far. I’m already exhausted.)

Outlaw Cat’s Special Book


Outlaw Cat Is Reviewing Your Camera


Don’t worry — we’ll try to pick up the thread with Calliope and Duck again soon. Assuming I can get any sleep. I keep forgetting to pack my pencil and eraser in the mornings.

The demos for the new iMovie and iPhoto are impressive. However, I haven’t shot video in ages and use Adobe Lightroom for all my photo management. These products aren’t really for me. They do make me want to play, though… and maybe pick up one of those new hot high-def-movie-shooting DSLRs.

Outlaw Cat via Brushes


I’ve been playing with a neat little application named Brushes. It was developed by some hoopty frood named Steve Sprang.

Look at this result! Simple at first glance, but quite advanced given its context. How many people were responsible — really — for bringing this fearsome portrait to fruition? Think of the centuries of generations which have passed in an effort to elevate my art to this point!

Are exclamation points appearing spontaneously above your skulls yet?

(I think my finger is broken.)

Outlaw Cat Solves Another Problem


Finally! An explanation for all those mysterious skull dents!

Apologies for falling down on the updates in recent days — I have been organizing a logistical miracle. Recent days were full of conversions of gallons to cubic inches, measurement and consideration of boxes and boxes of books, and careful planning! I’m not yet done, but the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. With the right equipment storage is a solved problem.

Posts will continue to be made ad hoc until next Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!