Category Site Updates

Thumbnail and Sidebar

I updated the site code over the weekend. WordPress 2.7 is less annoying than I recall — in fact, it seems to have resolved my previous issue with thumbnail creation.

On the site proper, I’ve moved the sidebar to the right-hand side of the page in an effort to make navigation easier and improve the site’s appearance to search engines. We’ll see how that works out.

If you run into any problems, please leave a comment.

Recent Comments, Recent Work, and FancyZoom

A few small updates were made to the website today:

To improve the navigability of the site for those searching for a follow-up comment, I’ve added a listing of recent comments in the sidebar.

I’ve also added a “sticky” announcement post to the site which highlights recently completed work. This latter addition is intended to give visitors a quick look at something more polished than the daily sketches. This was done using the WP-Sticky plugin created by Lester ‘Gamerz’ Chan.

Incidentally, I’m contemplating moving the sidebar to the right side of the page, since that places it closer to the scrollbar — and the typical position of the mouse pointer — in most browsers. Don’t be surprised if that occurs sometime in the near future. 😉

Update: I just saw a question regarding the way image zooming is accomplished on the website. That’s all done using Cabel Sasser’s FancyZoom javascript script. Highly recommended.