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I Dreamt You Were There: Illustration Process Video

I Dreamt You Were There from Jon Fuller on Vimeo.

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle from Jon Fuller on Vimeo.

Filmed a young Eastern Box Turtle ( Terrapene carolina carolina ) in the wild on a recent walk. I’ve typically encountered these turtles during and after a storm. Perhaps the humidity encourages them to emerge from temporary hibernation?

The House of Flowers

(A short film about summer.)

Common Snapping Turtle

Common Snapping Turtle from Jon Fuller on Vimeo.

This Common Snapping Turtle ( Chelydra serpentina ) made a brief appearance during a short hike at the local nature preserve yesterday. Snapping Turtles are omnivorous and possess prominent claws, a stout neck, and a sharp, powerful beak. The bite from a typical adult is strong enough to sever a human finger.

This particular individual was covered with bright green moss and looked as if he deserved a role in Shadow of the Colossus. Effective camouflage for lurking at the bottom of a lake and surprising delicious fish, don’t you think?

We Dance Around The Fire, We Dance Around The Flame

We Dance Around The Fire, We Dance Around The Flame

We settle on the wire, you settle on my name.

Jeanne-Claude: 1935-2009

Jeanne-Claude — artist and creative partner to Christo — passed away on November 19, 2009.

I wish I could have seen The Gates while it was on display — not to mention the other large-scale installations on which Jeanne-Claude and Christo collaborated. There are too few artists who possess the drive to work at such immense scales, who literally change the appearance of whole landscapes to communicate the sublime.

She will be missed.

(Special thanks to Youtube user videofeedback for providing (seemingly) the only decent video of The Gates installation.)

Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Tamacun

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

Untitled from on Vimeo.

Michael Gondry didn’t just raise the bar with this video.

He put the bar into orbit. Around the sun.

Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon

Like Merlin Mann, I am a fan of Not Too Soon by Throwing Muses (though perhaps not to quite the same extremes…). A great song by an excellent band.

Apollo Mars

This footage of the Apollo 11 launch in combination with Holst’s Mars is glorious. Those wonderful F-1 engines have never looked better. (Last post on this topic for awhile, I promise.)