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Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Ferrari 512 BB


The last of this series of photographs… and my favorite of the collection. It’s all about the curves.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Porsche 959


This was once my favorite model of car. I’ve since moved on to idolizing the Lotus Esprit Turbo — primarily because it made an unforgettable appearance in the excellent first volume of Diane Duane’s So You Want To Be A Wizard? series.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Chevrolet Camaro


I heard that driving a Camaro is a bit like driving a bathtub.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Kremer Porsche CKS


You can almost hear the brakes hissing.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Lancia Rally


Take a look at that beautiful rust! Just like the real thing.

Toy Cars: 1983 Matchbox Pro-Stocker


I recently shot photographs of six Matchbox replica cars from 1983. These will be posted throughout the next week as a series. The textured surfaces of these aged toys are visually arresting — particularly in conjunction with the nuances of design and engineering abstracted from the larger originals.

(These were all shot using a Canon 20d, 24-70mm f2.8 zoom, and flash on a field-expedient lateral jig constructed from an inherited Tiltall tripod and clamps. Fun!)