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Farquhar’s Dream

Farquhar's Dream

This Is Step One

This Is Step One

All Transistor


The Cat Who Came For Dinner

The Cat Who Came For Dinner

Doom knows about your freshly-stocked cupboard.

Heat Reflections

Several old china coffee cups, plates, and saucers stacked within a cupboard.

A broken chair, still stately, sits before an open garage door.

A motorcyclist bows into the headwind as he accelerates on the interstate.

Skies And Curves

A school bus drives along an interstate beneath a collection of large clouds.

Arching overpasses on an interstate accentuate a vast, textured sky above.

A man on a motorcycle as seen outside the window of a passing car. A sticker on the car window in the foreground reads -- in reverse -- 'first place finish'

As regular readers are probably aware, I’ve been exploring the rational limits of in-car photography lately (1, 2, 3).

The images above were all shot in that way — this time, however, using the diminutive Leica D-Lux 4/Panasonic LX3 instead of the larger, more difficult to maneuver Canon 20d.

For a small point and shoot, the D-Lux 4/LX3 is surprisingly adept at spontaneous photography of this type. Like an old-school rangefinder, the aperture, shutter speed, and focus may all be pre-configured. After that — as always — it’s all about luck and speed.

Ways And Doors




A few more roadside pictures to finish out the week.

All Wolves Must Sleep




Update 2009-05-17: Looking for more wolf photographs? Please see The Hidden Garden and You Silent Mirror, You Wolf.

Light And Power




The Dust Of Spring