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Calliope’s Book Posters

Calliope's Book Posters

This is how the “Calliope’s Book: Speed + Time” and “Calliope’s Book: Stop + Rest” posters look when printed.

The color, print, and paper quality are terrific, deviantART did a nice job packaging them for shipping, and you’ll note that Calliope now possesses all of her many, many knees.

They work well together, don’t you think?

(I’m seriously considering ordering some 20″ x 30″ versions — just to see how they’d look. At that scale, the print quality should still be above 300dpi.)

Gold Star, Outlaw Cat!

Outlaw Cat is surrounded by a treasury of stars.

Outlaw Cat can’t help himself around shiny things… like, you know, stars.

(Personally, I always preferred the red or green ones. Could use a few of those right about now.)

The Cat’s Weight Of Cookies*

A lone cardinal sits on a branch beneath a waxing moon.

A Cookie Monster Cookie Jar.

The gendarme cat lazes in the shade on a driveway, watching trees for bird activity.

Just got into Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. I love the style of his work — the subtle humor, the plotting, the legal entanglements of super-intelligences. Cutting edge work. Cutting things up generally.

Should get back to posting daily sketches — and maybe a new painting — within the next week. With that, allow me to usher you toward the myriad delights to be found at Street Photography In Paris.

Go on. See what you’ve been missing.

* Please reference tweet #788432399 for a further explanation of the post title. Patent pending.

** Intolerable Threat To Peace would be a good name for a battleship, don’t you think? Very modisch, very Iain M. Banks.

Outlaw Cat Via Brushes Redux

A picture of Outlaw Cat painted entirely using the iPod Touch app Brushes.

This week’s New Yorker cover was painted by artist Jorge Colombo entirely using that spiffy iPhone/iPod Touch app named Brushes which I wrote about in early January.

Steve Sprang — the developer of Brushes — also put together a neat companion application named Brushes Viewer which allows the replay of the process of painting.

Even though I’m still not used to painting on an iPod with my knobbly, misshapen fingers, I put together a little demonstration of this amazing software just for you. Take a look.

Try To Keep Looking Up


I really miss the bright night sky sometimes.

More Coffee, Coffee Cat?

I have so many ears...

As always, this is based on an actual conversation with myself.

(Bonus: a quick sketch of Calliope.)

This Happens More Often Than One Might Reasonably Expect

In this image, a Navy mechanic working on a Consolidated PBY Catalina engine appears rather distressed over misplacing his cat. The cat in question is seen sitting on the wing above the engine, reaching one paw down to catch at the spanner the mechanic is holding.

Cats. You gotta watch them all the time. Particularly when rebuilding an engine around anything mechanical.

J’accuse! – Visited By A Black And White Cat

In this photograph, a small cat with black and white markings stares into the camera with narrowed eyes. Only its head and upper shoulders are visible over the grass in the foreground.

In this photograph, the black and white cat is leading out over the edge of a stump -- much closer to the viewer.

A photograph of the cat sitting on the stump, peering out at the viewer between the branches of a small tree.

The cat is seen sitting upon a stump, gazing calmly at the viewer. The stump is decorated with small toadstool mushrooms.

Since when did the gendarmerie begin recruiting cats? Since forever.

Outlaw Cat Wishes You Well


Always sign a cast with veiled threats, not platitudes.

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