Tag Monster

The Cat’s Weight Of Cookies*

A lone cardinal sits on a branch beneath a waxing moon.

A Cookie Monster Cookie Jar.

The gendarme cat lazes in the shade on a driveway, watching trees for bird activity.

Just got into Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. I love the style of his work — the subtle humor, the plotting, the legal entanglements of super-intelligences. Cutting edge work. Cutting things up generally.

Should get back to posting daily sketches — and maybe a new painting — within the next week. With that, allow me to usher you toward the myriad delights to be found at Street Photography In Paris.

Go on. See what you’ve been missing.

* Please reference tweet #788432399 for a further explanation of the post title. Patent pending.

** Intolerable Threat To Peace would be a good name for a battleship, don’t you think? Very modisch, very Iain M. Banks.