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Outlaw Cat Fishes With The Stars

Outlaw Cat sits atop his hijacked villa and fishes using stars as bait!

Good friends Kate & Sam recently sent me a little surprise in the form of an Outlaw Cat figurine — along with some small pieces of their excellent rendition of Lost Dzimba. Since both the figurine and the buildings were of the same scale, I was compelled to combine them, leverage my newly acquired Strobist skills, and take the picture above.

(For the curious: here’s a quick shot of the setup. White balance was set to daylight. Two flashes gelled with CTO (full and half) were firing from camera left. One was bounced, and the other snooted to provide a directional light down and across the scene. To highlight the star at the end of the fishing pole, I held a flashlight against a flash grid and directed the light just over the star’s face.)

Gold Star, Outlaw Cat!

Outlaw Cat is surrounded by a treasury of stars.

Outlaw Cat can’t help himself around shiny things… like, you know, stars.

(Personally, I always preferred the red or green ones. Could use a few of those right about now.)

Outlaw Cat Via Brushes Redux

A picture of Outlaw Cat painted entirely using the iPod Touch app Brushes.

This week’s New Yorker cover was painted by artist Jorge Colombo entirely using that spiffy iPhone/iPod Touch app named Brushes which I wrote about in early January.

Steve Sprang — the developer of Brushes — also put together a neat companion application named Brushes Viewer which allows the replay of the process of painting.

Even though I’m still not used to painting on an iPod with my knobbly, misshapen fingers, I put together a little demonstration of this amazing software just for you. Take a look.

Outlaw Cat Wishes You Well


Always sign a cast with veiled threats, not platitudes.

Draft Illustration: Outlaw Cat Goes Fishing


This is the result of the two hour live painting session from last night. Looking good so far.

Live Painting: Outlaw Cat Goes Fishing

Ran another live painting stream last night at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/catagraphus.

This piece is now almost done! That went pretty quickly — thanks for the company!

(Background audio may include LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation, The Postal Service, Four Tet, Imogen Heap, Portishead, Ulrich Schnauss, Aphex Twin, Dntel, Björk, Moby, Fischerspooner, Stars, Múm, and Underworld.)

The League Of Disreputable Office Animals


They threw a party — a party with snacks, drinks, smoke sticks, and gambling — and told none of us!

From left to right: Angus (drink tester and erstwhile leader), Lucky (lucky), Project Glowyrm (official snack laserer), The Mache Giraffe (taking meeting minutes), Outlaw Cat (treasurer).

(Had the idea for this piece a few weeks ago. It’s nice to finally see it realized.)

Outlaw Cat Has A Valentine


Inevitable outcome is inevitable. Or inedible, if you prefer.

Outlaw Cat The Phrenologist


Obviously, this is one of the older Outlaw Cat comics. Sadly, its veracity is unchanged.

(Rigorous week thus far. I’m already exhausted.)

Outlaw Cat’s Special Book