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Upon Two Seas

In the upper-left side of this image, we see the airship ZRS-5 hanging suspended in mid-air just above the low swells of a calm ocean. Stretching across the middle of the image, a Lapwing-class destroyer -- a U.S. Navy ship used as a seaplane tender in the early 1930s -- is holding station as its crew sends fuel oil to the airship via long supply lines hanging from the airship's keel. A lone F9C biplane races past on the far right.

ZRS-5 takes on provisions and fuel from an unidentified Lapwing-class destroyer as an F9C flies past.

Provisioning operations of this type were inherently dangerous due to the tendency of large airships to ‘weathervane’ with the wind. This could be offset to some degree by deploying tethered, sinkable sea anchors around the periphery of the ship prior to beginning resupply operations or anchoring the ship’s nose to a masted barge.