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Sleep a Starry Orbit


Under The Moon

…Other smoky voices call.

Inhabit The Night

Sing night songs.

War Surplus

Abandoned Demilitarized Zoid

Same setup as before — save for some modifications to the model, set, and gels.

The Ice Blazer

Ice Blazer Zoid

Wolves reside in many different places. Some live in forests. Some live in zoos. Still others linger upon ruined worlds orbiting distant, dying stars.

You guessed it: this is yet another exploration of Strobist techniques. I’ve uploaded a picture to help explain the setup. A gobo’d flash at camera left spills light through a red gel and across a mat board background. Overhead, a gridded flash (the key light) fires through a CTO gel down onto the scene while another flash at camera right fires through a purple gel and folded snoot to further define the edges of the model. To give the illusion of soil, I sprinkled railroad modeling turf over parts of the scene. The background scenery is constructed of mat board scraps and discarded 35mm film canisters.

Update: After reviewing the original for a time, I decided to reshoot the picture. In this revision, I’ve strengthened the key light and reduced the power of the light on camera right. This eliminates the shadow stretching away from the latter light and better defines the detail across the top of the Zoid.

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Two fawns sit camouflaged amid fallen leaves in early Summer.

An Otter pauses briefly at the edge of a pool before slipping into the water.

A Wolf regards the photographer while resting on its hutch in early Summer.

Working my way through Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross now. What can I say? I have a fascination for solid techno-Lovecraftian science fiction… at which Stross excels. Additionally, he taught me a terrific new word: bampot.

The photographs above are the result of the same photo hike which produced Curious Wolf and I present these images as evidence that most animals basically do nothing all day long.

That may explain why — excepting otters — one rarely sees animals which qualify as bampots.

Curious Wolf

This wolf took a small interest in the presence of myself and a friend while we were visiting the animal enclosures at a nearby park during a rain shower.

The Better To See You With

A dark timber wolf is shown trotting behind the trunks of some trees on its way to meet the rest of the wolf pack.

A dark timber wolf chews on an unidentified object while gazing at the viewer.

A dark timber wolf chews on an unidentified object while gazing at the viewer.

A few more photographs of these magnificent wolves. I have no idea what’s being consumed in the latter two photographs — or, more importantly, why the wolf was looking at me while so engaged. The object was apparently desirable. While taking these pictures, my friend noticed another wolf pass by, steal a bit of the discarded material, and bury it — perhaps for later retrieval and gnawing.

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You Silent Mirror, You Wolf

This photograph depicts two timber wolves asleep near each other, their backs opposed as though mirrored. One is white. One is black.

This photograph depicts two dark timber wolves standing beside each other, as though mirrored.

This photograph depicts a white timber wolf walking beneath a bright green canopy of leaves.

Visited the wolves again this weekend while geocaching. Between myself and a friend, three more caches were discovered — including one containing a plastic grasshopper. Our wanderings took us far from the main gate, however, and we barely made it out of the park in time.

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