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War Surplus

Abandoned Demilitarized Zoid

Same setup as before — save for some modifications to the model, set, and gels.

The Ice Blazer

Ice Blazer Zoid

Wolves reside in many different places. Some live in forests. Some live in zoos. Still others linger upon ruined worlds orbiting distant, dying stars.

You guessed it: this is yet another exploration of Strobist techniques. I’ve uploaded a picture to help explain the setup. A gobo’d flash at camera left spills light through a red gel and across a mat board background. Overhead, a gridded flash (the key light) fires through a CTO gel down onto the scene while another flash at camera right fires through a purple gel and folded snoot to further define the edges of the model. To give the illusion of soil, I sprinkled railroad modeling turf over parts of the scene. The background scenery is constructed of mat board scraps and discarded 35mm film canisters.

Update: After reviewing the original for a time, I decided to reshoot the picture. In this revision, I’ve strengthened the key light and reduced the power of the light on camera right. This eliminates the shadow stretching away from the latter light and better defines the detail across the top of the Zoid.